International selling policy

All sellers on shoppersmaster might be able to sell internationally. Based on our terms of conditions, your listing on shoppersmaster may be viewed, purchased by and shipped to, shoppers globally. The listing can be shown your online store registered with us or any other page within the website. When you sell your items, you will be bound by our terms and conditions as well as privacy policy and buyers protection policy. You have an opportunity to restrict your product to be sold internationally by updating your shipping policy in your sellers account.

User Agreements and policies of shoppersmaster

When shoppers purchase any item on shoppersmaster or sellers sold an items on shoppersmaster, you agree to our terms and conditions as well as privacy policy including all applicable laws and regulations to that sale. If you purchase an item, or your item is sold to a buyer, on an eBay site other than your site of registration, you agree to be subject to the User Agreement and policies of that other site, as well as laws and regulations applicable to that sale and the respective delivery, including the User Agreements of the following eBay sites (as applicable):

Money Back Guarantee at shoppersmaster

All sellers on are subjected to the buyers protection policy which are on shoppersmaster when you sell your item(s). In case of any disputes, you will authorize shoppersmaster to resolve the issue between you and the shoppers. At the end, refund to the buyer, reversal of the funds or recovery using an invoice might be done. 3. You can prevent international buyers to purchase on your online store. All products on may be viewed and purchased by shoppers from different countries globally. The seller may set shipping details under his/her account in order to choose the countries where they can sell their products. Shoppers from restricted countries will not be able to purchase your item, but they will be able to see your listing. You must follow terms of use, buyers protection and privacy policy once you sell your item(s) on your online store.

Prohibited items not accepted

We encourage all sellers and shoppers to check the item purchased or sold on site with their local export laws before making any purchase.

Customer Fees and Duties

All shoppers on are responsible for duties and customer fees on all products shipped internationally in accordance with their local rules and regulation. Custom fees or duties might be required at the time of purchase or delivery based on local government rules and regulation. has no control over this regulation set by different countries.