Welcome to Shoppersmaster.com

What is Shoppersmaster?

Shoppersmaster is an online marketplace for buying and selling online items faster while having more fun. Our specialty will helping you buy and sell online items that aren't shiny, new, and mass-produced. The principle of relentless simplicity drives our easy-to-use yet powerful online store experience. 

What does it cost to use Shoppersmaster?

Buying on Shoppersmaster is free. Posting items for sale is free (including pictures). When you sell items, you pay a very small percentage of admin fee as well as paypment processing fees.

How do I register?

Click here  to register and start selling online instantly.

How can I contact you?

Visit our contact form.

How does Shoppersmaster compare to other eBay alternatives?

Shoppersmaster is one of several sites like eBay, amazon etsy The difference  is that we are improving shoppersmaster every  day with new features that make shoppersmaster stand out from the competition.